Weekly Lesson with Jack Stocken


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Mondays at 9:30am BST / 6:30pm AEST / 8:30pm NZT

Take part in a new interactive online lesson each week. Ask and respond to Jack’s questions in real-time. Replay the lessons later at your convenience.

Upcoming Lessons:

July 27: Weak 2s Everyone is playing Weak 2s now in diamonds, hearts and spades. We will look at how you respond to a weak opener, either bidding to the level of the fit or the 2NT enquiry. We will also look at how you defend against weak openers

August 3: Weak 3s and 4s We will look at responding to a weak 3 or weak 4 opening bid and also how you defend against them. Also when you use a weak three bid as an overcaller

August 10: 2C Opener The big one! We will discuss how to respond to a 2C opener either with a very weak hand or with a stronger hand. Also, how the bidding develops in later rounds and when to go for slam

August 17: 2NT Opener We will look at responding to 2NT and when to use Stayman. Also when we are strong enough to either bid 6NT straight away or invite slam with 4NT